Pro Flat Clone Heavy & Heavy Plus Rules

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Posted March 14, 2023

Pro Flat Clone Heavy 375 lbs./Age 15

Pro Flat Clone Heavy Plus 390 lb.s Age 15

1. AKRA Clone Engine Only

2. AKRA Approve Exhaust Pipe

3. Big Pipe allowed must have muffler

4. Any Clutch.

5. Hot Box is ok in this class only..

6. 87 Octane Gas only.

7. Knobbies or Slicks.

8. All racing vehicles must have mufflers that keep their kart at 95 DECIBLES or less at least at 50 feet from the racing surface. If the muffler gets knocked off, falls, off, or becomes loud during race, you will be black-flagged. Pull to the infield immediately. This means if your muffler comes off anytime from the start of the race to exiting the track at the end of the race, you will be DQ. If your kart becomes loud and you pull to the infield on your own, you will not be DQ, you will receive last place points.

9. You must have a working race receiver on you during the races. If you do not have one YOU WILL BE DQ!

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