Competition Rules

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Posted February 20, 2023





1. All drivers must attend the drivers’ meeting. 

2.  Any changes in the basic event night program due to car count, track conditions and/or 

any other circumstances may be announced at the drivers’ meeting.

3. Rules for the venue will be told to you at the drivers’ meeting.



1. All starts will take place at a consistent speed within a designated area that will be identified at the driver’s meeting. The two lead karts must stay side by side at MEDIUM CONSTANT SPEED. If the second “no start” attempt the race is not properly started by the two (2) front row karts, the responsible kart(s) will be moved to the second row at flagman or race director’s discretion. 

2. Initial race will be at the cone in turn 4.



1. The race will not be stopped for any race vehicle in the infield or off the race surface and out of harm’s way. 

2. No passing, slow down and stay in line and listen for instructions on your Raceceiver. No racing back to the start/finish line.

3. A spin or stoppage that requires a kart to be re-started during a yellow flag slow down period is considered as being involved and will result in said kart or karts re-aligning at the rear of the field along with other karts that were involved in the yellow stoppage. 

4. If you are involved in a caution you will go to the back with the charged karts at the tail end.


1. If a driver is charged with 3 cautions you will be DQ’d and pushed to the infield or off the track.  


1.Karts will assemble in a double file running order according to the last completed lap. (A completed lap is when all karts have crossed the start/finish line) 

2. You will be given 2 chances at a double file restart; front row must start race together in turn 4. If the race cannot be started double file, we will go single file.








1. There will be a restart cone placed on the front straightaway. 

2. Restarts will be at MEDIUM CONSTANT SPEED; the leader can pick up the pace anywhere in turns 3 & 4, all karts must pass to the right of the restart cone in a single file, nose-to-tail manner. 

3. If a kart passes to the left of the restart cone, hits the cone, passes another kart before reaching the cone, is not in a proper nose-to-tail alignment and/or is guilty of an excessive gap between karts, then that kart will be penalized at the end of the race. If you pass more than 1 kart you will be penalized 1 position for each kart you pass. 



1. Slow down and come to a complete stop out of harm’s way as soon as you can. 

2. Any kart that merely spins-out as the field is stopping for a red flag situation will retain their running position provided no contact is made with another kart, fence, wall or like obstacle that would require a yellow or red flag. 

3.  In the result of a red flag, karts will be stopped on the track. Once the incident is cleared, 1 crew member per kart will be allowed to enter the racing surface to start their kart. (Only when/if directed to by track officials.) If any adjustments to the kart are seen that kart will go to the rear of the field.



1. All work on the kart, once any race has been started, must be completed in the designated work area unless informed otherwise. Any participants who do not work on the kart in the designated work area are subject to disqualification. 

2. If a kart is put into the Hot Pit area by an official for mechanical assistance you will be allowed 60 seconds. Each driver will be allowed 1 Hot Pit per race. If you pull off into the Hot Pit you must return to the track at the rear of the field prior to the yellow light being turned off, if you do not take the green flag, you will not be allowed to enter the race until a yellow/red flag has been displayed on the track. You will be allowed 1 chance in the hot pit area, if you re-enter the track and are not able to join the field you will be pushed to the pit area. 

3. If you are stopped by a track official you will get your position back providing no repair/work needs to be performed to your kart, if work/repair is needed you will restart in the rear of the field.



Rough driving will get you a BLACK FLAG WARNING! Keep driving rough and you will be ejected from the race! 












1. Raceceiver***, Transponders, Gloves, Neck Brace, Arm Restraints, & fire suits are mandatory in every class.

***Raceceivers are not mandatory but recommended in Hot Wheels, Young Guns and Jr 1.

2.  If driver switch is made for any reason you must start at the rear of the field and pay entry fee for new driver.

3. No two-way radio communication between the driver & crew will be permitted. 

4. DO NOT Exit your kart. If a Kart is involved in an accident and can no longer keep going (and no extenuating circumstances exist such as injury or fire) the driver should not loosen any personal safety equipment or exit kart until directed to do so by safety personnel or a track official, if you do you will be DQ. 

6.  Under no circumstances is any crew member, family member etc. allowed on the track during an event unless directed by a track official. The result will either be a DQ, or that said kart will restart at the tail of the field. This includes green flag, yellow flag, or even red flag conditions. 

7.  During green flag conditions no one is allowed to stand in the entrance or exit areas of the track



1. If you are chosen for tech, please do so without confrontation.

2. If chosen, please take the kart directly to the designated tech area. DO NOT touch the kart without approval from the tech official!

3. If you refuse or fail tech at any time you will lose all points/awards for the event.

4. No more than 2 people per kart in tech area. If your driver is in the tech area he or she counts as one of your allotted persons.



Please clean up your pit area!!

There are trash cans available.

Please use them!





Unsportsmanlike Conduct  

1. Fighting at an MWRS event will not be tolerated! If a physical altercation occurs the local law enforcement personnel present will handle the situation the way they deem necessary.

2. If you are asked to leave during the event for any reason you will not receive refunds of any kind.










1. We will have random pill draws for heat race starting position. Competitors missing the draw time will start heat race on the rear of the field.


2. Heat line-up:

Heat 1 - lowest draw number starts in pole position etc.

Heat 2 – Inverted from Heat 1

*If you do not register before draw time closed Friday or you wait to come until Saturday morning you will start your heat(s) in the rear*


3. Feature line-ups: Will be based off combined finishes from heats.

-If a class is running a B Feature, we will inform drivers how many will be locked into the A.



4. Heat race - 8 laps, 6 laps for Hot Wheels, Young Guns & JR1
5. B Feature - 15 laps, 8 laps for beginner classes
6. A Feature – 20 laps, 10 laps for beginner classes


*** Unfilled starting position shall be filled by criss crossing *** 





MWRS retains the option to inspect for any tech violation at any time after the kart is registered!


Just because it doesn’t say you can’t….. doesn’t mean you can!